Why we made My £999 Wedding


Sam Anthony

by Sam Anthony, Creative Director of Sundog Pictures.

‘What film can we do about the financial situation many people still find themselves in, even though the recession is supposedly over?’ asked the BBC  Documentaries commissioning editor, a year ago. And it was a tough brief. There has been so much written, and so many good films made, about Breadline Britain over the last few years, that searching through the crumbs for a new angle seemed a little daunting. But it turned out the answer – at least for BBC One- was Britain’s cheapest weddings. And everybody loves a wedding.

By looking at three different couple across Britain, getting married on a tight budget of a thousand pounds, or less, director Tanya Stephan could ask questions about how skint many people really still are, and why hard-up hotels and venues would even be prepared to host weddings for one eighteenth of the average nuptial budget.

But most of all the film could ask: How much of a big day can you buy for a Grand?

The answer, it turns out, is more than you might think, with all our venues working hard to give their couples a fantastic day at a price they can afford. And whilst the couples themselves all worked hard to make their money go as far as possible- making their own cakes, buying suits from Tesco and frocks from eBay-  ultimately none of the weddings were about that.

Across three heartwarming stories of love against the odds, Tanya discovered that when you really do marry for the right reasons, it doesn’t matter how much it costs to get wed.

My £999 Wedding air on Tuesday 30th September, BBC ONE – 10.35 pm. You can check out a clip here



My £999 Wedding

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