The world’s first Splashmob

Not content with the world’s first sand bucket challenge Vestas has also given us the world’s first Splashmob.

A children’s choir took Cape Town by surprise by bursting into song at the start of the second leg of the Volvo Ocean Race leg.

Sundog Pictures filmed the ambitious stunt under the watchful eyes of five ground, marine and aerial units as more than a dozen boats carried  out the surprise stunt – including one carrying almost one hundred children from the Cape Town Townships.

Sundog’s Managing Director, Johnny Webb, ‘It was a total honour to be part of this hugely ambitious stunt. It was a huge risk taken for an incredibly important message – the risk of climate change.”

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 16.46.44

The Splashmob was kickstarted by the signal from Team Vestas Wind’s skipper, Chris Nicholson, as he sailed past the boat.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 16.39.50Vesta’s CMO, Morten Albaek, was at hand to help conduct the choir, and said afterwards about Vestas’ A Race We Must Win campaign: ‘Energy is the key challenge of the 21st century. Vestas is dedicating its participation in the Volvo Ocean Race to raise awareness about the critical energy choices the world is facing – and the fact that wind energy is part of the solution.

‘In light of the risk of catastrophic climate change, 1.3 billion people living without reliable access to electricity, and 56% of available fresh water resources consumed by electricity production, we saw children today demanding a better future. Energy has a key role in this, and that’s the bigger race we must win.’





The world's first Sand Bucket Challenge


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