The world’s first Sand Bucket Challenge

Wind for Prosperity is the brainchild of Vesta’s Morten Albaek, and it is clear that this is a man who thinks differently to the rest. So when he was nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that Morten added a twist.

He says on his YouTube page: ‘As 800 million people in this world live without access to drinkable water, I couldn’t see myself pour clean water on my head. Therefore, I innovated and I present you the first sand bucket challenge. If we do things differently, we can make a difference and fight some of the world’s problem such as water scarcity. For example, using wind energy is a great way to clean the sky and to fight water scarcity as it requires no water to produce electricity.’

Morten made a donation to ALS and Matt Damon’s, which is an organisation that helps millions get access to clean water.



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Wind For Prosperity

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