Kigali Genocide Memorial, Rwanda: Screening Event Of Our Films.

Forgiveness and peace after genocide

The Genocide in Rwanda saw more than one million people slaughtered in just 100 days. Devastation and hatred spread across the country, targeting people from the minority Tutsi community and any opponents – regardless of their ethnic origin.

It was the kind of extreme destruction that saw whole families wiped out, women subjected to sexual violence, and children exposed to scenes of extreme trauma. The damage done was so severe that it will always remain an incredibly painful piece of Rwandan and world history.

Last year we created three short films that capture some of the heart-wrenching stories of survivors of the Genocide in Rwanda. The films have been placed within the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda, in devotion to those who have passed and in recognition of those who survived, and for future generations. Here is the first:


Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 16.11.08The Sundog team at the Kigali Genocide Memorial film screening, hosted by Aegis Trust in London.



Aegis - Rwanda Memorial #1

Aegis Trust are an NGO working to prevent genocide in the world. Our brief was to give a context for visitors to the Genocide Memorial in Kigali, Rwanda. This film was the introduction to the visit, filmed by the brilliant Jenny Ash....More

Aegis - Rwanda Memorial #2

This second film was designed to play at the end of the tour of the Genocide Memorial to leave visitors with a message of hope. ...More