How to Achieve Greater Work Fulfilment

Johnny Webb By Johnny Webb, MD of Sundog Pictures

Becoming Me was a project that intrigued me both professionally and personally. In storytelling terms, it’s hard to find material more accessible and inspiring than the intimate journeys of individuals who were courageous enough to take a risk in their career, and pursue greater work fulfilment. It’s a perfect example of how documentary film making can be used to tell real stories whilst amplifying a brands’ core values.

We were so privileged to work with Ben Anthony (BAFTA winning director) on this project. His film 7/7: One Day in London was, to me, one of the most memorable documentaries of last year. Ben’s ability to connect with his contributors intimately and compassionately made that film very special. He has used these skills again inBecoming Me.

Our four contributors were linked in a quest for meaning. It wasn’t about them opting out of the corporate world, but a search for a role that aligned with their values and real passions. It’s interesting to see, as the film unfolds, how they each interpret meaning in a different way.

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