Turtle Boy


‘Turtle Boy’ is a remarkable and moving story of how the stigma of an extreme medical condition can be tackled by modern medicine.¬†In a tiny hamlet in Colombia, six-year-old Didier has struggled with a huge burden – a rare condition called a Congenital Melanocytic Nevus. It’s a giant mole that grew so much it covered 40% of his body. It resembled a shell, and Didier was nicknamed Turtle Boy. This extraordinary film traces Didier’s story: a story of cutting-edge medicine, a mother’s love, and a brave six-year-old’s fight to be released from his burden.


‘Turtle Boy’ featured as part of Channel 4’s ‘Bodyshock’ series – you can see other episodes in the series¬†here.


First broadcast on 25th April 2012 on Channel 4.