Billionaire Space Club


Billionaire Space Club is a co-production between Sundog Pictures and Voltage TV produced for the BBC in 2017 and Smithsonian Channel, and presented by Professor Brian Cox, a multiple award-winning broadcaster and particle physicist from the University of Manchester and a member of the ATLAS collaboration at CERN. The film follows Brian as he explores the commercial space travel industry, discovering how in just under 100 years we have gone from the first manned air flight to the very real prospect of privately owned space tourism and exploration.


Brian meets the entrepreneurs and engineers designing and building space craft, talks to future space tourists and goes behind the scenes of an industry determined to make commercial space flight more accessible than ever before.


The documentary premiered on BBC and is distributed by BBC Worldwide.  It also features as a learning programme for the Open University, and is scheduled on Smithsonian Channel in the USA and the Caribbean on 1st April.


First broadcast: 5th September 2017 – 9pm on BBC 2.