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Reggie Yates: Hidden Australia

Reggie Yates is back! In this brand new 2 part series, Reggie travels down under to explore the issues facing young Australians in the 21st century. He first heads into the outback to spend time in an Aboriginal community, ravaged by alcohol addiction, and trying to find its place in modern Australia. Reggie then travels to Melbourne, to investigate why Australia’s second city is in the grip of a dangerous epidemic, caused by the drug known as Ice.


Black In The Outback – Travelling to Australia, one of the richest nations on earth, Reggie Yates investigates why the country’s indigenous people suffer such extreme social deprivation and inequality. He travels into the outback to one of the country’s largest but most deprived Aboriginal communities, and finds a marginalized people suffering from an addiction to alcohol and generations of institutionalized racism. With one foot in the past and one in the present, can the community’s next generation see a better future for themselves than those who have gone before?


Addicted to Ice – In this episode Reggie Yates travels to Melbourne, to find out why Australia’s second city is facing such a dangerous epidemic of the drug known as Ice. A brutal and alleged drugs related murder leads Reggie to a halfway house full of addicts. He meets two other users, from different ends of society, about to enter rehab, and embeds with the local police force to understand the scale of the epidemic in Melbourne.


First broadcast: Monday 16th and Monday 23rd January 2016 on BBC 3.  Catch up now on BBC iPlayer.