Reggie Yates: Addicted to Ice


Reggie Yates travels to Melbourne, to investigate why Australia’s second city is in the grip of a dangerous epidemic of Ice (Crystal Meth). Reggie’s time in Melbourne begins with a brutal and allegedly drug related murder right outside his hotel. The crime leads him to nearby Gatwick House, an infamous half way house for addicts, recovering drugs users and ex-offenders. Meeting the residents, Reggie sees first-hand the devastating grip that the drug is having on people’s lives.


But this is not just an inner city problem. In the suburbs Reggie meets Sharni and Brett, both addicts about to attend rehab. Reggie sees that Ice is a drug which does not discriminate. Sharni is a young mum, Brett a former business executive and a triathlete for the Australian National Team – both are desperate to get their lives back.


To try and understand the scale of the problem across the city Reggie also meets up with the Drug Enforcement Unit of the city’s police force. He witnesses their random drugs testing of the city’s drivers and sees them close in on the suspect for the earlier murder.


First broadcast: 7th September 2017 – 10.45pm on BBC 1.