MPs: Behind Closed Doors


This isn’t about Westminster politics – it’s about real people turning to their elected representatives for help when struggling with real, tough issues. With unique and exclusive access, the programme fixes cameras in the surgeries of 3 high profile MPs. Controversial and outspoken Labour MP Naz Shah in Bradford West, Brexit-supporting Tory MP for North East Somerset Jacob Rees-Mogg, and former Deputy Prime Minster and Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg of Sheffield Hallam. The programme shows all three MP’s tackling the problems of ordinary Britons, some of whom have nowhere left to turn. Putting a human face on the big issues facing the nation: from immigration to disability funding and from mental health provision to noisy neighbours.


Catch up now on My5 here.


First broadcast: 28th November 2016 – 9pm on Channel 5.