Breaking The Taboo

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The Story

Breaking The Taboo is a documentary from Sundog and Spray Filmes about the failed War on Drugs. Narrated by Morgan Freeman and featuring prominent statesmen including President Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, Breaking The Taboo follows The Global Commission on Drug Policy on a mission to break the political taboo and expose one of the biggest failures of global policy in decades.

The film is now in its global TV window after a groundbreaking premiere on YouTube, which saw nearly nearly a million people watching the film on social media.

The film is available for TV distribution via TVF  or you can download the film to watch HERE.


  • Youtube 790,000 views
  • Facebook 5,465 friends
  • Twitter 3,448 followers

VIRGIN UNITE: A Year of Breaking The Taboo

by Sam Branson – Founder and Chairman

Breaking The Taboo tackled an issue that many not dared to touch. The drug prohibition issue around the world is something very few politicians would talk about in fear they might become labeled as being soft on drugs or soft on crime. In the words of Ruth Dreifuss (Former Prime Minister of Switzerland), ‘Who wants to campaign with a junkie by your side?’…More