What Britain Bought in 2015


Queen of the high street Mary Portas has a good old nose to see what the country put in its carrier bags this year – and with a weekly shopping bill of £6bn, the answer is quite a lot. What Britain Bought in 2015 is an entertaining, eye-opening, end-of-year review of the products we all bought in the last 12 months, exploring what the UK’s shopping habits say about us. We reminisce on the ‘must-haves’, the ‘can’t-resists’ and of course, the ‘why-did-we-evers?!’ of 2015, as well as hearing from some famous shoppers; and speak to high-street experts about how they develop products and get them on our shelves at just the right moment. And of course, we’ll be revealing the year’s bestselling product!


First broadcast: 30th December 2015 on Channel 4.