The Team

Sam Branson - Founder & Chairman

Sam Branson

Founder & Chairman

Sam is passionate about getting to the truth of stories, finding creative and emotive ways to bring these stories to life in a way that moves people to live more present and compassionate lives. He has over seven years experience in media, developing and producing stories from around the globe. Sam believes factual storytelling has a unique way of capturing an authentic view of the world.

Johnny Webb - Co-Founder & CEO

Johnny Webb

Co-Founder & CEO

Johnny has over 16 years of broadcast experience including Director of Programmes and MD of Virgin Media TV. While at Sundog, Johnny conceived and Exec Produced the campaign including ‘A Lethal Injection’ and produced the Netflix-acquired Feature Doc Don’t Look Down.  He leads Sundog’s production in the US as well as the company’s social impact work.

Katie Buchanan - Creative Director

Katie Buchanan

Creative Director

An award-winning executive producer, Katie has been responsible for over 60 hours of primetime documentaries for companies such as Keo, Minnow, Lightbox and Films of Record, including all 3 series of ‘Skint’ and the award-winning ‘The Romanians are Coming’ for C4, as well as subjects as varied as Vogue, pupil referral units and the American justice system for the BBC.

Claire Featherstone - COO

Claire Featherstone


Claire is a senior TV Executive with over 20 years’ experience, combining strong production skills with commercial and strategic expertise. She was Managing Director of Flame TV and led the successful sale of the company to the Avalon Entertainment Group in 2013. She joined Sundog as a Consultant in March 2017 and took over as COO in April 2018.

Nicky Huggett - Head of Development

Nicky Huggett

Head of Development

Nicky has been running Development teams for over six years at companies such as Rare Day, Popkorn TV and Windfall Films, covering neuroscience and animal autopsies to pest control and policing. Her true love is documentaries; as a Producer she was responsible for films such as The Murder Workers on Channel 4, which was nominated for a Grierson Award.

Anna Cowdry - Production Executive

Anna Cowdry

Production Executive

Before joining Sundog in July 2017, Anna had several years’ experience as a Production Manager across a range of genres, particularly in Arts and archive programming including ‘The Beatles, Hippies and Hells Angels’ and ‘The South Bank Show’ for Sky Arts, and ‘Dancing Cheek to Cheek’ for BBC 4. She is now working as Production Executive across all of Sundog Pictures programming.

Katharine Fish - Development Producer

Katharine Fish

Development Producer

Katharine began her career in feature film and scripted television, before a stint in arts development at the BBC introduced her to the world of documentary. Since then she has worked in both production and development across a range of films, covering subjects from A.I. to rural ravers and Relief Chefs. She was a Development Producer at Double Act TV before joining Sundog in October 2017.

Leah McDonald - Office and Production Coordinator

Leah McDonald

Office and Production Coordinator

Leah joined Sundog in March 2018, having previously worked as a Production Assistant at Label1, working on programmes such as Hospital (Series 1 and 2) and The Job Interview. Leah makes sure the Sundog office runs smoothly, as well as helping out across all of Sundog’s productions.