Is SnapChat the future of storytelling?

Martin_Resized01by Martin Howden – Social Media Producer for Sundog Pictures

Digital storytelling has really exploded over the last couple of years, and it seems Snapchat is the newest tool. The stereotype of snapchat is that it’s used by teenagers to send images to each other.

But just like how Twitter was originally seen as just people telling other people what they have eaten for breakfast or Facebook as just a platform to show off baby pics, storytellers will look at any new platform as a different way to get their voice heard.

One of those trailblazing storytellers is Casey Neistat. We are big fans of Casey here at Sundog Towers because of his amazing YouTube work but we’re especially loving the DIY style stories of SnapChat. Real time storytelling has a raw urgency that, while losing the polish of smooth, glossy edits like his other films, feels exciting and intimate.

That’s why we love storytellers – they just want to tell a story, no matter what tools they have.

You can find out more about Casey in this great interview here 





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