The Virgin Strive Challenge


The Virgin Strive Challenge saw a core team of ten, including Sam Branson, travel from London to the summit of the Matterhorn, entirely under human power in the summer of 2014. The challenge saw them and hundreds of other participants run, cycle and climb over 1,000 kilometres in a bid to raise over £750,000 to support life skill projects to help young people. We were commissioned to make several films covering the challenge – each one looking at the skills that the core team had to rely on to complete the challenge.

From London to the Matterhorn, and back to London again!

I am looking forward to being on the stage again with some of my fellow Virgin Strive Challenge team members this Friday at The Telegraph Adventure & Travel Show.

Last summer i took on one of the biggest challenges of my life. I always knew it was going to push my body and mind to the limit, and while that tapped into my adventurous spirit, it wasn’t the only reason that the Virgin Strive Challenge excited me so much…. (Read more)

Striving For A Good Cause

Sundog was delighted to attend the Virgin Strive Challenge fundraising party at the Kensington Roof Gardens last week.

When the charity Big Change wanted to….

Our Virgin Strive Challenge film for Bounce Energy Balls

The Virgin Strive Challenge in three minutes

The Virgin Strive Challenge Fundraiser

The Virgin Strive Challenge may have a test of endurance – where skills like emotional resilience, teamwork, communication and overcoming fears were essential to conquer the epic feat. But the real reason for the challenge was to ….